First Fine Arts - Advent Series
Tuesdays at Noon
Dec. 20 • Unity Hall

First Fine Arts

The First Fine Arts Series is a venture that is dedicated to the idea that art is a gift from God, and that it should be cultivated and celebrated among the people. Concerts throughout the Series will bring together the community and the church to enjoy the gift of music. The spirit of bringing people together is in keeping with our purpose.

Concerts Begin at Noon in Unity Hall
Lunch Available After For $5


Castle Brass (Brass Quintet)
        Jeff Castle - Trumpet
        Dan Orban - Trumpet
        Hughey Hancock - French Horn
        Erick Dahlgren - Trombone
        Gary Poffenbarger - Tuba

Castle Brass was founded in 2017. It is a brass quintet made up top tier performers and educators in the Central Texas area. The members include musicians from top military bands, professors of leading universities and performers that regularly work with symphony orchestras across the United States. The group is a newly formed chamber ensemble, however many of it’s members have worked with each other for several years and share the goal of arts education outreach and furthering brass chamber music in our community.

Steve Peterson (Trombone)
Dr. Seth Nelson (Piano)

Steve Peterson is currently performing as acting principal trombone with the Fort Worth Symphony.  Previously, he held the position of principal trombone with the San Antonio Symphony and is still performing with the newly formed San Antonio Philharmonic. Steve has also performed with St. Louis Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, Dallas Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, Houston Symphony, Colorado Symphony, Detroit Symphony, Nashville Symphony, and Alabama Symphony Orchestra. He has a Bachelors of Music in trombone performance from the University of Michigan where he studied with David Jackson and a Masters of Music from Southern Methodist University where he studied with John Kitzman.  Steve has taught at Texas State University San Marcos interim faculty, Richland College, and is currently adjunct professor of trombone at St. Mary’s University and Trinity University.

Steve has performed with many chamber groups including DFW Brass, Olmos Ensemble, Music in the Mountains Brass Quintet, and Bishop Arts Brass. Previous to moving to Texas in 2011, Steve played in jazz and commercial ensembles on cruise lines, which allowed him to travel to Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. Steve is also a filmmaker and creates many original satirical and documentary videos that can be found on his youtube channel: petersonproject.

Dr. Stephen Town (Baritone)
Dr. Seth Nelson (Piano)

Stephen Town, Professor Emeritus of Music (1986-2022), Director Emeritus of the Tower Choir (1999-2022), and Distinguished Faculty Awardee at Northwest Missouri State University, is a recipient of many federal and international research fellowships, most notably the prestigious Ralph Vaughan Williams Fellowship (to conduct archival research on the autographs of the composer deposited in The British Library, the Royal College of Music, Oxford University, and elsewhere), a Visiting Research Fellowship to Clare Hall, Cambridge University and, subsequently, a Life Membership there.  Dr. Town is the author of An Imperishable Heritage: British Choral Music from Parry to Dyson (Ashgate, 2012) and The Choral-Orchestral Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams: Autographs, Context, Discourse (Lexington, 2020), as well as many articles and reviews. He served as the Choral Journal book reviews editor and as a member of the editorial board from 1991 to 2016.  A baritone, Dr. Town has presented concerts and recitals for churches, universities, and professional societies in the South, the Southwest, the Midwest, and the West Coast of the United States, and in the United Kingdom (St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, and Imperial College, London) and in Vienna, Austria.

We apologize for the technical difficulties in the recording of this performance.

Agarita - String Chamber Ensemble

        Sarah Silver Manzke, violin
        Marisa Bushman, viola
        Ignacio Gallego, cello
        Daniel Anastasio, piano

An innovative chamber ensemble dedicated to producing bold, collaborative musical events, Agarita offers a new way to experience classical and contemporary music. Founded by Daniel Anastasio (piano), Marisa Bushman (viola), Ignacio Gallego (cello) and Sarah Silver Manzke (violin), Agarita nourishes the local community through artistic collaborations, education, community engagement, and free, adventurous programming. With concise, eclectic performances that are “splendid – unified, spirited, [and] well prepared” (Greenberg, Incident Light), the young chamber group offers a new, open-armed experience for listeners.  As a nonprofit organization, Agarita believes that the arts should be accessible to everyone in its community. Agarita presents free public concerts, performs at local schools, and offers opportunities for other artists through its collaborations.

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    Lenten Concert Series 2022

    April 12th - Jourdan Laine Howell, Douglas Boldt

    April 5th - Dr. Aaron Hufty and Dr. N. Seth Nelson

    March 29th - Faith DeBow

    March 22nd - Stephanie Westney

    March 8th - Christopher Besch

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    Advent Concert Series 2021

    December 21, 2021 - UTSA Voice Faculty

    December 14, 2021 - Issac Bustos

    December 7, 2021 - Ron Wilkins

    November 30, 2021 - "The Boom Squad"

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    Lenten Concert Series 2021

    March 30, 2021 - Olmos Ensemble

    March 23, 2021 - FB4 with Seth Nelson

    March 16, 2021 - Castle Brass

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    Advent Concert Series 2020

    Advent Concert Series 2020

    Advent 2020
    2020 has forced the entire world to wait. We are waiting on a cure, waiting on justice, waiting on the political process. We are all waiting. This year during Advent we are examining how God works through a season of waiting. The ancient world desperately waited for the Messiah. We greatly anticipate his return. In our waiting we each have assignments to grow in our faith and to seek after Kingdom-sized vision for the future. Our prayer is that through this season FBCSA will be a compass on your journey. May our worship help you to focus on the promises fulfilled. May the Advent devotional help your quiet, still moments. May the music of Advent fill your spirit to overflowing with gratitude. 

    Advent Devotional
    This year, members of FBCSA again came together to bring you a daily devotional to help focus your heart on God's promised Messiah. Each day we will read through scripture, hear commentary from different members of our community and close in prayer together.

    We have stepped up the devotional experience a bit this year! At the bottom of each daily devotional you will find a QR code that will direct your smart phone to a piece of music that was specifically chosen for each passage of scripture or the words written in the devotional. Simply scan the code using your camera app on your phone and it will be directed to a YouTube link. We hope that this will add another dimension of worship each day.

    Physical copies will be available in Unity Hall on Sunday, November 22 and 29. They will also be available Monday through Friday through the front doors of the Porté Cochere.

    You may also download a digital version of the full Advent Devotional below.


    Advent Devotional Daily Calendar
    If that wasn't enough, also have a webpage that will provide you with the devotional of the day along with the a clickable QR code that will take you to the musical link. This will work great on mobile devices.

    Click Here

    Advent Music Series
    Beginning at 12:00 PM (noon)
    Facebook @FirstBaptistChurchSanAntonio

    Starting Monday, November 30 at noon we will stream a short Advent musical offering each workday via the FaceBook Live. There will be 18 different presentations which will include members of our staff as well as professional musicians from around the San Antonio area. These concerts will be a blessing to everyone, so please make sure to share.

    click here

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    Lenten Concert Series 2020

    Lenten Concert Series 2020

    2020 Lenten Concert Series

    Interactive Hymn Sing - Part 2

    Interactive Hymn Sing

    Qizhen Liu - Cello

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    Advent Concert Series 2019

    Advent Concert Series 2019

    2019 Advent Concert Series

    Richard Novak


    Come Full Circle


    Elaine Barber

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    Lenten Concert Series 2019

    Lenten Concert Series 2019

    2019 Lenten Concert Series



    Meredith Vis

    Chamber Singers

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    Advent Concert Series 2018

    Advent Concert Series 2018

    2018 Advent Concert Series

    Jourdan Howell

    Mark Cruz

    Chamber Singers