Scripture passage
of the week:
John 19:28-30


The FBCSA family is united by a unique design for Bible study. We call it {Re: Verse}.
The name implies doing something, then backing up and doing it again.
{Re: Verse} is an encounter with a designated scripture 5 different ways in a week’s time.

1). READ DAILY: alone with the Re:Verse scripture for reflection and prayer

2). PASTOR'S BLOG: ( reading a daily contemplation prompted by the scriptures

3). BIBLE STUDY: meeting in groups around the scriptures for discussion and mutual support

4). WORSHIP: assembling with the larger church to hear the scripture preached and sung

5.) CIRCLES OF SIX: gathering with a small group of friends around the scriptures with a focus on application and obedient action

Will you join us as we are "Moving Forward in Re:Verse?"
We welcome you to see for yourself.

9:30 am – Bible Study classes
8:30 am and 11:00 am – Traditional Worship services
11:00 am – Contemporary Worship service
11:00 am – Spanish Worship service

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Re:Verse passage of the week:
John 19:28-30

Our Mission is to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, and to lead all others to a joyful life with him.