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Ministerial Staff

Administrative & Support Staff

Mikel Allen – Director of Communications

Santiago Jaramillo – Director of Facilities

Tera Kouba – Director of International/Asian Ministries

Dawn Haney – Sr Administrative Assistant for Senior Pastor & Pastoral Ministries

Emily Benesh – Administrative Assistant for Music & Worship

Nohemi (Abi) Cardenas – Administrative Assistant for Spanish Ministries

Gloria Delgado – Administrative Assistant for Median/Senior Adults, Missions, Prayer & Women’s Ministry

Julie Jones – Administrative Assistant for Ministry Coordination, Students, & LOGOS Worship

Angela Monita – Administrative Assistant for Communications, Media & Single Adult Ministries

Deborah Penaluna – Administrative Assistant for Education

Cheryl Rockwell - Administrative Assistant Community Missions, Preschool & Elementary Ministries, & NextGen Marrieds

Kennedy Powers – Music Ministry Assistant

David Wickersham – Graphic Designer

Robert Haston – Media & Communications Associate

Katherine Bell - Media Specialist

Rob Viera - Media Specialist

Jeremy Zapata - Media Specialist

Ana Abad - Preschool Associate

Keesha Williamson – Elementary Associate

Vic Haney - Pastoral Care Associate

David Kirk  - Pastoral Care Associate

Josh TriceStudent Ministry Associate

Michelle Lyons – Imago Arts Academy Coordinator

Sandy Contreras  – Social Services Administrator

Frances Allen – Receptionist

Marcine Garcia – Receptionist

Cynthia Ruiz – Receptionist

Business Office

Hector Flores – Director of Financial Services

Nerina Pedraza – Office Coordinator for Administration and Operations

Marissa Contreras - Accounting Administrator

Jackie Rosas – Food Service Coordinator

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Our Mission is to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, and to lead all others to a joyful life with him.